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HomeNewsMissing Files in HHDA and NHHDA for SSIL, NEEB and UKDC Data Aggregators 
JAN 2022
Missing Files in HHDA and NHHDA for SSIL, NEEB and UKDC Data Aggregators
Originally published by Daniel Smith on 12/01/2022 11:48:27

Missing Files in HHDA and NHHDA for SSIL, NEEB and UKDC Data Aggregators

Due to an issue with the above Data Aggregator, files for the VAR run due to be processed today have not been received and therefore default data has been used. Any Suppliers who believe they are impacted should contact their DA directly, however other Parties may be affected to a small degree through their GSP Group Correction Factors.

The following data has been defaulted:

Run TypeHH/NHHSettlement DateDate and Run Defaulted toData AggregatorAffected GSPs
SF HH 17-Dec-21 17-Dec-21 II SSIL _B, _H, _F & _P
SF HH 18-Dec-21  18-Dec-21 II SSIL _C, _D, & _K
SF HH 19-Dec-21 19-Dec-21 II SSIL _B, _C, _D, _H, _J & _M
R2 HH 20-Sep-21 20-Sep-21 R1 SSIL _C, _D, _H & _K
R3 NHH 11-Jun-21 11-Jun-21 R2 NEEB _A
R3 HH 11-Jun-21 11-Jun-21 R2 SSIL _B,_D,_F,_H,_K,_M & P
R3 HH 12-Jun-21 12-Jun-21 R2 SSIL _C,_D_E, J, K,L,& P
R3 HH 13-Jun-21 13-Jun-21 R2 SSIL _C,_D_E, F,G, H J, K & L
RF HH 20-Nov-20 20-Nov-20 R3 SSIL _B,_D & _E
RF NHH 20-Nov-20 20-Nov-20 R3 UKDC _F
RF NHH 22-Nov-20 22-Nov-20 R3 UKDC _D, _E, _G, K, _L, _M &_N
II HH 6-Jan-22 05-Jan-22 II SSIL A - P

If you have any questions relating to this issue, please contact the BSC Service Desk (