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HomeNewsCOMPLETED: Planned Infrastructure maintenance on BSC Central Systems 
MAY 2021
COMPLETED: Planned Infrastructure maintenance on BSC Central Systems
Originally published by Andrew Alcock on 15/05/2021 06:42:00
Tags: bulletin

COMPLETED: Planned Infrastructure maintenance on BSC Central Systems

What is happening?
Further to Elexon Circular EL03306, the outage which was planned on the BSC Central Systems applications from 18:57 (BST) Friday 14 May 2021 to 07:15 (BST) on Saturday 15 May 2021, has now completed.
How will I be impacted?
Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS)
BMRS is processing the current backlog and the data will be published via the BMRS website, APIs, Data Push Service and TIBCO as expected.
Elexon Portal logins are now enabled.
Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA)
The ECVAA Notification Report will be issued at 08:00 (BST) today, which replaces the report at 02:10 (BST).

The ECVAA Forward Contract Report (ECVAA-I022) will be issued as normal at 09:00 (BST) today.
Do I need to take any further action?
You do not need to take any specific action. We have performed system checks following the completion of the work.
For more information please contact the BSC Service Desk.