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HomeNewsCompleted - Planned downtime required for the March 2021 Standalone (P408) BSC Release deployment 
MAR 2021
Completed - Planned downtime required for the March 2021 Standalone (P408) BSC Release deployment
Originally published by Andrew Alcock on 17/03/2021 21:35:20
Tags: bulletin

What is happening?

Further to ELEXON Circular EL03266, the outage on the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) has now been successfully completed. The BMRS is now running with the changes from BSC Modification P408 as part of the March 2021 Standalone Release. The BMRS is now processing the backlog of data and we expect it to be fully recovered by 22:30 (GMT) today.

How will I be impacted?
P408 will provide additional Output Usable, Margin and Surplus data in the two weeks to three year ahead reports (2-156 Weeks ahead) on the BMRS Website, API, Data Push Service and TIBCO. The existing zonal output useable data will be decommissioned from BMRS as part of this change. The details for the new APIs are included in API and Data Push User Guide (Version 5).

Is there anything else I need to know?
A summary of the changes and documentations for March 2021 Standalone Release are available on the Elexon website. For more information about this BSC Bulletin, please contact the BSC Service Desk.