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MAY 2020
ELEXON Portal Password update reminder
Originally published by Martin Wiles on 11/05/2020 17:57:38

ELEXON Portal Password update reminder

What is happening?

Further to the Release Circular, users who access the ELEXON Portal via a web browser or by directly submitting the REMIT data are required to re-verify their passwords every 90 days after 28 February 2020. The ELEXON Portal will send Password expiry reminders on 18 May 2020 for those users who have not updated their password since 28 February 2020. Subsequently a final reminder will be sent 27 May 2020, if password has still not been updated.

How will I be affected?

If an account password has not been updated by 28 May 2020 the account will be disabled.

For more information, please contact BSC Service Desk.

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