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 YOU ARE HERENewsDecrease in the Credit Assessment Price (CAP) to £47/MWh effective from Tuesday 6 March 2018 
FEB 2018
Decrease in the Credit Assessment Price (CAP) to £47/MWh effective from Tuesday 6 March 2018
Originally published by Ben Nicholas on 13/02/2018 15:19:54

A consultation paper on the value of CAP was issued on Monday 5 February 2018 following a breach of the CAP trigger level. Parties were invited to indicate whether they agreed with the proposal to decrease the value of CAP to £47/MWh, from its current approved level of £55/MWh. 

The consultation closed on Monday 12 February 2018. All responses were in agreement with the proposed value and therefore, in accordance with the CAP Review Guidance, a Credit Committee meeting will not be held.  

On Tuesday 6 March 2018, the CAP value will decrease from £55/MWh to £47/MWh. As a result, Parties may notice a change in their Credit Cover Percentage, and should review the amount of Credit Cover lodged.

The CAP review trigger level value will remain at its current value of +/- £6/MWh.

For more information, please see our FAQs or contact

No further information is included in this circular. To download the published Circular please see EL02761.

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