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 YOU ARE HERENewsBSC Central Systems planned downtime: Tuesday 21 March 2017  
MAR 2017
BSC Central Systems planned downtime: Tuesday 21 March 2017
Originally published by Martin Wiles on 15/03/2017 16:56:28

What is happening?


There will be a planned downtime on Tuesday 21 March 2017 between 00:57 (GMT) and 09:15 (GMT), which will impact all BSC Central Systems applications.

This planned downtime is required in order for ELEXON to undertake migration activities as we move all BSC Central Systems applications to our new hosting environment, please see Newscast 640 and Newscast 643 for more details of this project.

How will I be affected?

During this period, you will be unable to submit contract notifications to the Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA) service or receive communications from the ECVAA. Parties may wish to arrange for their Agents to submit all contract notifications in advance of this planned downtime in order to reduce the risk of missing Gate Closure.

The BMRS website will be unavailable and will not display market data; however it will be updated after the downtime, following the processing of any backlog of files. In addition, Parties will not receive TIBCO or Data Push messages; however, these messages will be sent after the downtime. During this planned downtime, no data will be sent to ENTSO-E Transparency Platform from BMRS.

The ELEXON Portal will also be unavailable during this downtime, and any REMIT data which is submitted through the ELEXON Portal will not be published by the BMRS website until afterwards.

Will any of the reporting be affected?

No, the ECVAA Forward Contract Report (ECVAA-I022), scheduled to run at 09:00 (GMT) Tuesday 21 March 2017 will run after the outage at 09:30 (GMT).

The ECVAA Notification Report (ECVAA-I014), scheduled to run at 02:00 (GMT) Tuesday 21 March 2017, will run after the outage at 10:00 (GMT).

In addition, the ECVAA Notification Report (ECVAA-I014) for Tuesday 21 March 2017 may not contain credit limit and indebtedness information for the affected Settlement Periods. Indebtedness data will be accurately reflected for Settlement Periods for which credit checking first runs in normal mode.

Is there anything else I need to know?

No. For more information on this issue, please contact

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