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Frequently Asked Question

Originally published by Nick Brooks -
Last modified by Andy Howden - 26/11/2013 11:05:10
Why can't I find the content that I came here looking for?

About Content Restrictions

The ELEXON Portal will only show you content that you have been granted access to, so what you see in the content tree may not be the same as what other more highly privileged users see. To make things easier for you, we have tried wherever possible to expose the basic details of restricted content in the site search.

Are You Logged In?

The majority of the content on the portal is only available to registered and logged in users. If you can't see the content that you are expecting, first check that you are logged in, or if you don't have an account then register for one. It is quick and free.

Search For What You're Looking For

If you are logged in, then you should be able to find just about anything using the site's search feature (use the search box at the top right of the screen, or click the search button on the horizontal navigation bar. When you find the content, if you have access to it then you can get to it by click on its title. If you do not have access to the content, it will appear with a padlock next to it. Clicking this padlock will provide you with an explanation of the access required (usually a required site permission). If you feel that you should have this permission, you can request it through your profile.

Still Stuck

If you still can't find something that you believe the site hosts (or should host), please feel free to use the feedback feature of the site, or to contact us at where we will try to respond to your query quickly and satisfactorily.